23 Dec 2011

Berry Merry X-Mas

Low glycemic smoothies packed with fruits and veggies should help you stay trip during the holiday season.  Or at least start your day with the best intentions before the holiday parties begin :-)

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9 Dec 2011

Green Machine

All of the veggies in this smoothie are green AND it tastes good.  Perfect for people that aren’t veggie lovers (or even likers)

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2 Dec 2011

Green n Tart

I think I have one of the toughest little smoothie critic’s out there, so if she’ll drink a creation, I know most people should give it a try……

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18 Nov 2011

Tea Time Smoothie

It’s always nice when you make a smoothie that has a lot of vegetables and actually tastes good.  Especially when serving it to young people in the morning, that have suddenly decided to stop drinking any type of milk….

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The ingredients will seem a little veggie heavy, but honestly tastes surprisingly good.   Definitely worth a try!

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4 Nov 2011

Raspberry Rainbow

We have a LOT of yummy whole foods at our house right now.  We’ll have to add a little bit of all the best today….

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Happy Halloween!!  Celebrate by starting off with a delicious, festive orange smoothie!

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21 Oct 2011

Orange Mud

I was hoping and trying to make an orange smoothie for the season, instead it turned out the color of mud.  I’ll have to try a new combo soon to see if I can come closer to my goal.

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With Fall and the changing of the weather comes colds.  We all need to make sure we’re eating healthy: Lots of fruits and veggies that are filled with antioxidants!

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5 Aug 2011

Peach Paradise

Peaches are in season!!!   Let’s see what delicious, healthy, options we can come up with!

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